Safeguarding the Holy Church from enemy scam obligates fasting and praying!

By Hiwot Salelew

Our LORD Jesus Christ formed Holy church for our salvation and existence. With his message at 2 Cor.11:2, apostle Saint Paul informs, “By the merit of envying GOD, as I shall thy; for I have engaged you to one virgin bride Jesus Christ, whom I might present you to him”.

History inscribed about our Church tormented by her enemy. We read of Christians who were tortured to death, scrutinized without their sin and scarifying for their faith. For instance, “The years of Martyrs saw many miseries. Whenever we think of Church, we are reminiscent of Good Friday. Our savior LORD Jesus Christ spilled his blood to form it; a holy place where Priests and Church Ministers serve,” explains Megabe Hadis Priest Mengest Mariam, Head of Addis Ababa’s diocese, Bole Bulbula Medhanealem Church sermon.

The prestige of Ethiopian Orthodox Church ought to be safeguarded. Churches are burnt down these days of which are widely spoken off. After the Jimma incidence, our Church has been repeatedly encountering disasters. In addressing this national matter; Holy Fathers, Church Ministers and we all are responsible. Whereas people who committed Arson eventually dies, Holy Church lives thru all the years of Martyrs till the future, serving the sermon and endowing the flesh and blood of the Son of Man.

Megabe Hadis Priest Mengest Mariam further elaborated, “Laities’s duty at the holy church is preserving it. To seize its grievance, we are obliged to fast and pray. If not, we deem not fire as martyrdom, but as grievance. Foremost, devoid of GOD’s willed, neither corporeal nor spiritual deed undertakes”.

Inspecting this enemy scam from its core is expected of us, given that it is swindled to devastate Church. “Holy Fathers must defend laities to have freedom in conserving their right and carry out the order of worship. Omitting our shielding words is immoral whilst they migrate, get slaughtered and victimized by various attacks.  The services of the ministers which gradually lessened have affected Holy Church. Whether by their power or shudder, the demeanor of some people must be seized,” says Saint Paul New Testament Preacher Megabea Hadis Aemero Demessie.

Counterfeiting as Christians and forging preachers, ad infinitum attempt to deteriorate Orthodox Tewhado Church, contrive doubt within laities; raze the true religion and Christianity. Our savior LORD Jesus Christ originally informed us, “Be on the watch for the spurious prophets that come to you in sheep’s pelting, but inside they are ravenous wolves,” (Matt.7፡15).

Scoundrels who absconder from Orthodox Tewhado religion Church’s dogma, Liturgy and Marvel, are deluding others as well. Since ancient, our enemy satan’s deed abscond laities hopeless, sloughing their faith and religion; thus we oblige to have endurance, probable when we creed, get baptized; strengthen our good feat and live by GOD’s rule. Just as it’s in scripted in the book, these powers with fortitude are faith, hope and love. Apostles Saint Paul in his message to Corinthians says, “we won’t force you to creed, but aid your good will,” (2 Cor. 1:24).

We live in a world that is drifting on sin wave; despite of our lack of faith and heresy’s hegemony, being cautious of spurious prophets is crucial. Like our LORD said, “Be careful of those attempting to deceive you. Numerous will approach you stating to be LORD Christ and deceive countless. You will hear about war and its rumors; it is indispensable, so be careful. Don’t be scared, however, the ending is yet to come, (Mat.24:4-6).

Amid GOD’s righteousness on our side, we can escape from enemy scam. He will save us bracing our unity with Holy Fathers. We each have to go to Church, custom Christian Liturgy, prayer, repentance and fasting.

Source: Amharic text by Hiwot Salelew at/