“I have become like a clanking Sistrum” (1 Cor. 13:1)

Translated By Hiwot Salelew

A sistrum; an instrument with a divine sound which we stand before GOD to express our gratitude was from the ancient Levites till the New Testament’s temple, choir and the oldest tent of Moses, till today’s Holy Church. Sistrum and drum essentially beautifies our gratitude and psalm. We barely see the minister’s paw without sistrum and drum amplifying Outer ambulatory. It is astounding how Outer ambulatory is not distinguished from these except at the great fast! Unfortunately, we haven’t seen them during their servile era entering holy temple and partaking in the honor of the Holy Communion; even now and then, their service is external.

Saint Paul employ the illustration representing the empty life, “if I acknowledge every human’s voice and speak by angel’s idiom, I am like a jangling bronze and clanking sistrum if I don’t have love,” (1 Cor. 13:1). Realizing this, I looked back to my soul, who lived in the temple from infancy and when Israel surrender as they said “We cried after Zion’s farewell,” and I cried for my capitulated and bare Zion soul. Who would know that she is hopeful gravel? Nor concede what’s promised for thy?

Thus, I persistently cried for my soul at the Babylon’s ocean, and told her over and over again “you are like a jangling bronze and clanking sistrum”. Think about it! The ambulatory wouldn’t start without me, the psalm wouldn’t be enlightened, the minister’s craw can’t open, couldn’t beautify the swirling, their hand moves because of me, poetry couldn’t be written. Tell me! What is splendor without me? In which service don’t I participate?  Which vicar was presented in reverencing GOD? Even now and then, I have value at the service of this sanctuary. Or else, how would the ambulatory be exquisite? Who serves sleepless without my presence? Many gets inspired by my melodic voice harmonized with the drum. Listening to me by their labyrinth, appreciating my beautiful creation, and say, ” praise with the divine cadence sistrum”. Only gazing at my pleasant tone, they admire affirming “how fortunate I am”. Eagerly they wait until I sing. When a person weds, dies or gets honorably appointed, they feel like the world revolves around them whom are frequently called upon.

Sitting honorably amongst people, ascertaining my entire reputation, one day I put down the substantial curtain and looked at my soul, she clanks! And I listened. I didn’t even do what I deserved. I am a useless slave, “I have become like a clanking Sistrum,” worries my soul. What have the playing ritual drum, the beat of the drum and the clanking sistrum benefited themselves? Afterwards, how many generations have inherited GOD’s kingdom reaching the Promise Land? Somebody else took advantage broadening their holiness and become like angels; but they are still mortal.

Hasn’t changed in this generation either; it doesn’t seem like they will leave this life until lord Christ comes for judgment day. I am like them! I sing psalm acclaiming the poetry, seizing the time, I will deliver the covenant and I have read the bible beginning till end.

Untoward to my existence, assuming what I say is the imitation of my life, people get astonished, envy to become me, but, without realizing how I have become like a jangling bronze and clanking sistrum. I screamed! But do not know why, nor will I ever change by my shattering, after me, many who came from east and west entered GOD’s kingdom. Those who heard his words and changed by his gospel repented their sin. But still today in denial, I have become like jangling bronze and with no craving, like a clanking sistrum.

If only I knew what I was screaming about, no one would have come first before me. It is unfortunate that I am a lifeless tin. But my voice is amusing, my diligence is remarkable. My concurrence with his gratitude and my versatility is righteous; a pity though, for I am forsaken.

Whether I give my flesh to flying birds, share what my assets with the deprived, although they call me father of the poor, even if I fast and pray till my fillets is revealed, without love, aren’t I  like jangling bronze and a clanking sistrum? Unless I eat the flesh and drink the blood of the son of man, what good is my yelping! When my soul denied obliging for his flesh and blood is the clanking sistrum with the devoid of virtuous silence and cried, so did I.

Oh! God, change me from being like a sistrum and resembling a bronze!

Source: Amharic text by Deacon Yosef Bekele at/ www.mahiberekidusan.com/amharicwebsite/