Rise Up!

April 19, 2023

Man came to be alive for a life given by God, with His precious work. He created Him from dust and wind, then saw how great it was! He gave him life for he could live in heaven forever. Unfortunate to all the human race though for the first mankind ate the forbidden fruit and brought death upon the world.

Human beings were to die eternally for it would not have been for the Holy Father, who send His Holy Son for the salvation of men and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ defeating the enemy Satan and overcame death. The rise of Lord Jesus Christ is thus the life after death in Kingdom of Heaven.

Life of men is the work of salvation of Lord Jesus who have created the path of life. It is the mystery of redemption to recon the life after death accord the resurrection of the Lord. It is acknowledging the truth about the five different kinds of resurrection.

Humans first have to identify the ‘resurrection of conscience of mind’ that recognizes the existence of God. Then it is the ‘resurrection of Heart’ with of great value for it is our knowing, acknowledging and understandings the word of God. Our heart and soul filth by sins will cleanse through the repentance with the resurrection of Heart.

At the end of our lives, human’s body separates from the soul and ends up in a grave covered by dust. Therefore, recons the ‘resurrection of dead’s.’ But ‘the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ’ is above all for He redeemed human race liberating us from slavery of sins and devil. He has announced our salvation on His resurrection day. This being the truth, His rising for those who have cleansed from sins through penance but not for sinners who die sinful and impure, at the Judgment of Lord Jesus ‘the resurrection conference.’

Rise Up!