Humans within life struggle and in the march of events stuck beneath enemy scam and attack. Vitally, their careful attention is the way of salvation. “Perspicacity, being the healthy and unerring assessment of concepts and things enables people to arbitrator properly in terms of time, manner, place, and occasion and always in terms of edification. It consents to identify imminent developments before they occur and thus to avoid the harm they might cause.”

“As a kind of foresight, perspicacity through which a healthy intellect, forestalls what is about to happen. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit, granted as a prize to those who observe the dictates of their conscience scrupulously and who carefully keep the divine commandments. Perspicacity, in the sense of discrimination, is also the instrument which the Church uses to guide its children in the turmoil and storm-tossed waters of life. It’s the rudder of the notional ship.” (‘On perspicacity’, by Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi)

Enemy Satan always strives to capture sinners in to his nest and all the sense of our nature, mobilizing our inclinations and volition. In accordance to each of the person’s character, demon’s attack is as similar. Tough not certain of it, due to their knowledge enabling them to deceive humans into Satanic living and devious trap.

“They usually fight in a particular formation, but are flexible. All they need is to be able to see some foible, either natural or acquired, or some breach through which they can pour and then strike. In the course of the battle there’s physical exhaustion and that’s enough for them to cause sloth and obviously, to arrest any progress. If, on the other hand, they notice particular zealousness and appetite for the struggle, then they encourage people towards excess and so, again, balance is impaired” said Elder Joseph.

Our Elder Father also added this notion; “Both absence and excess are destructive of the norm and never achieve a result. Absence is followed by indifference and excess by the irrational fanaticism of self-confidence. In both cases, divine Grace is not active and without this, nothing can be gained. The excess of untrammeled zeal is also followed by other damage, which is by no means unimportant. Any insistence on excessive asceticism, which supposedly comes from divine zeal, exhausts the body’s strength and then people abandon their positions, because they’ve depleted their weapons, the strength of their body. Our blessed Elder likened this to ‘the two vexations of our enemy, who attacks from the front and the rear’. So perspicacity, or discretion, is absolutely essential in terms of the way we manage our body, particularly if we have no guide. And in this management, if there’s no discretion, it’s not long before people are seduced by pleasures or self-love, which are, in fact the same danger. But the danger of defeat through bad management is more immediate, because, according to the Fathers, when we’re exhausted, in pain or are struggling, it’s easier for us to be robbed. When our human nature’s tired it really does seek rest.”

Perspicacity rears to sympathy in Christianity; Christians shall have a sympathetic heart in especially in days of mourning and sorrow; we have to feel sorry for those who lost their home, loved ones; also for others in unbearable Conditions. It is better for a Christians who practice Good deeds than to be educated. And as we are in the season of the Exodus of Saint Mary and her Son Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of all mankind, we shall mourn, pray and fast.

Prophet Jeremiah was deeply moved by the plight of the Israelites when they were taken captive to Babylon. He contemplated the life of that time and still calls the Virgin Mary from Anathoth. Truly, Jeremiah was a man who deserved to be comforted by his mother, who was able to comfort him. This is a time when we not only mourn the loss and suffering of our Lady, but also weep for our Holy church, our country Ethiopia her people.

Our country and Holy church are suffering from the loss of many. People are wandering around in the desert, unsettled and become refugees. Holy church seeks the sympathy from her children, allaying all the trouble and sufferings around and in her gets. Thus, we need to weep over her suffering, grief, persecution, exploitation, and so forth.

He who is truly mindful should weep for the country, the people, the Church, and laities. The grief of the right person nurtures those in misery. Historically, Hezekiah, Mordecai, Esther, the Ninevites, and others, have been relieved by their sincere prayers, sorrows, and tears. So let the imaginary weep over the suffering, torment, and persecution of the Church and its members. May God graciously allow us to return to HIM through this difficult time of trouble and suffering, as HE has said, “Therefore also now, said the Lord, turn to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning.” (Joel 2:12)