Mystical Rose

Part two

The wicked fall of man, the sin of Adam and Eve overawed by virgin Saint Mary. The Mystical rose signifying Saint Mary with her Beloved son is the mark of salvation. She who has migrated with her son, has made the bitter sweet. She has fled in protecting the world’s savior her son, from being executed.

Saint Gabriel who has said to Yosef, “wake up, you and your mother should go to Egypt” led them all the way to the dessert of Egypt and even till Ethiopia. They went and settled as Herod, the king, heard about and Lord Jesus, a King. He had sent his soldiers to kill all sons in Israeli. He got one hundred forty-four thousand infants killed who are accepted as martyrs. When Herold heard the holy family was in Egypt, he send his solders to them promising he will award if they are to bring him.

Joseph’s son, Yosa was sick and so was traveling late he saw a group of Gigar warriors who lamed troops were following them, Yosan quickly ran to tell them what he heard but the devil stopped him and told him it is too late. But he kept going forward saying I will tell them if I find them. I will bury them if I find them dead.

Guided by Angle Saint Gabriel, Saint Mary Joseph and her son with Salome, traveled and hided among the forests. They had encountered many sever obstacles. Sometime they took rest and other times was tiresome, hungry and suffered on the exhausting flight. Our Holy Mother has cried, mourned, felt sever pain and exhaust for us in her exodus. Her legs were thorn pierced and was striped by bandits in the forests. She felt deep pain for her son suffering, hunger and thirst. This all done for the salvation of us. Saint Mary is our Mystical Rose who has bloomed during our time of sorrow and grief, hopeless and in cave of evil slavery.

Her Son Lord Jesus Christ is the fruit of the rose Saint Virgin Mary, who gave us His life instead of ours. The followers of Christ are called to live a life that is set apart from the world. The power of prayer and fasting plays a vital role in achieving this separation. Our Lady, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, herself exemplified the importance of prayer and fasting in her life. She embraced the truth and the divine will, and in her prayers, she found solace and strength. Through her example, we are encouraged to prioritize prayer and fasting as integral aspects of our spiritual growth.

Greetings to you, dear readers! Our Lady, being the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, possessed a unique and extraordinary role. She was chosen by God to conceive and give birth to the Savior of the world. Our Lady’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where she gave birth, was filled with miraculous events and divine interventions. Along the way, she encountered various challenges and witnessed the fulfillment of prophecies.

May our Holy Mother Saint Mary’s intercession and prayer be with us, Amen!

Source: The Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s tradition and The book ” Homilies of Mary.”