Mystical Rose

Part Three

The most beautiful flower ever seen in the spiritual world as the Italian refer her “Rosa Mystica/Mystical Rose/ is our Holy Mother Saint Mary.

Rosa decens, rosa munda,

Rosa recens sine spina,

Rosa florens et secunda

Rosa gratia divina

Rose graceful, rose clean,

fresh rose without a thorn,

  rose in bloom and favorable

Rose divine grace

A person might ask how the rose; Saint Mary is mystic. The meaning to the word mystic is hidden. She is the holy flower and Queen of them all. “She is the Queen of spiritual flowers; and therefore, is called the Rose, for the rose is called of all flowers the most beautiful. But, moreover, she is the Mystical or Hidden Rose, for mystical means hidden.”

This quote clarifies the mysteriousness of Lady Virgin Mary. Prophet Isaiah said, (11:1): “There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse, And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.”

As she is the mother of God, who became fit for His abode, Saint Mary is the rose who fructified the sweet flower for the life of all humans. “The mystical and manifest flower of faith was already called the flower of the pomegranates, which have a sweet fruit inside, and a really bitter peel on the outside; in fact, the fruit of faith, which is sweet as for the secret disposition of the soul, because of the hope of future remuneration, as for the flesh is really not happy, for the effort of virtue.”

The flower, being Holy Mother, is the one who gave the world sweet fruit, Her beloved son Lord Jesus Christ. His wisdom of salvation is revealed through her. “Once again, the Virgin embodies the Garden (Paradise). This garden is mystical, i.e. interior, hidden, with reference to the mystery of motherhood.” If the Lord had not been born from her, we would not have the way of salvation, granted mercy and live eternal life.

She is our mystical rose and we shall embrace our Lady Saint Mary, in our house, in the Church with the appraisal and everywhere and anywhere. Holy Mother is our mediator who pleads mercy, love, peace, unity, and anything else of good virtue.

May Her intercession be with us, Amen!