Miskaye Hizunan Medhanealem Monastery Graduates 27 Disciples

September 19, 2015

By Mesfin Zegeye  

Miskaye Hizunan Medhane’alem Monastery graduated 27 disciples trained for six years in the New Testament and Qine at the Monastery Secondary School compound on September 14, 2015 in a ceremony attended by archbishops.

Of the graduates, 24 studied the New Testament interpretation while three studied Qine courses. His Grace Bishop Abuna Gerima, Head of the Office of His Holiness the Patriarch and External Relations Department and Miskaye Hazunan Medhane’alem Monastery board chairperson, handed out the certificates to the graduates.  Miskaye Hizunan Medhane’alem Monastery has produced Church intellectuals in Nibab (readings), Kiddase (Liturgy), Qine (Ge’ez poetry), Biluyat and Hadistat (New and Old Testament) interpretation since 1950.

Church intellectuals who have been producing disciples at the Monastery have been awarded certificates from the hands of His Grace Abuna Gerima who endorsed the titles bestowed upon them as part of the graduation process.In a message delivered following the handing out of the certificates, His Grace said, it is important that the spiritual and modern education which earlier and present generations worked so hard to maintain is passed on intact to the next generation.  

The graduates are currently serving at various parishes and monasteries in Addis Ababa and have already been certified in Zema, Kidase, Digua, Zimare mesiwaet, Qine, etc at abinet (traditional church) schools. Of the disciples who graduated in New Testament interpretation, Ri’ese Debr Berhanu Akal shared his observation on the knowledge he acquired in the course of his training. He said that he has attended school for a long time in Kidase, Akuakuam bet as well as modern education. Especially learning New Testament interpretation has given him knowledge as if he knew nothing about the subject before, he said. 

He added that the time in the school was so exciting because the teacher is so knowledgeable and of exemplary personality as well as the fact that the disciples come from various knowledge background. 
There are learning sessions twice or thrice in one day. It is only after they went over the lesson over and over again and grasped the subject matter well that the teacher would let them move on to another subject matter. There are sessions on all other days except on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, the teacher has been teaching them Widdase Maryam and Kidase Maryam interpretation during Filseta LeMaryam (the Fast of the Assumption of St Mary); Kidan and Timhirte Hibu’at during Himamat (Passion Week); and Bahire Hassab during Pagumen (the 13th month in the Ethiopian Calendar ). They completed New Testament interpretation lesson one year faster than it used to take. 

Ri’ese Debr Berhanu mentioned problems as well. The room in which the courses are given is very small. As a result of the lack of space, late comers attend their lessons standing at the doorway outside. Disciples who will attend courses in the future should not go through the same hardship like them, he underlined. 

When Meskaye Hazunan School was established it had six class rooms, five rooms for different services, five teachers, seven supporting staff members and 33 students, according to information obtained from the School. Currently, the school has 109 teachers and2, 779 students from kindergarten to 12th grade levels.

The school has a reputation for having its students promoted. In the just completed Ethiopian year, it managed to get all its 8, 10, and 12 graders pass school leaving examinations.The School ranked 1st out of private schools in Addis Ababa and was awarded three cups as well as one big cup for being a general winner. Students who scored the best results have been awarded prizes from the hands of His Grace Abuna Gerima.

Source: Mahibere Kidusan Amharic Web site:  http://eotcmk.org/site