Mahibere Kidusan announces launch of second round scholarship program (Featured news)

November 17, 2015  
By Kassa Nigus  
Mahiber Kidasan’s (MK) Holy Places Development and Social Service Department announced the launch of the second round of Abba Giyorgis Zegasicha free scholarship and training award at a ceremony held last week, on November 8, 2015 at Semein Hotel. The event was also aimed at raising the needed fund for the scholarship program run under the theme ውስተ፡ አዕጻዲነ : ኵሉ፡ አቅማሕ : ሐዲስ : ምስለ : ብሉይ፡፡ At our gates are all manner of pleasant fruits, new and old) (Song 7:14).

Abba Giyorgis  Zegasicha free scholarship and training award was initially launched last year with the aim of strengthening and preserving the traditional education system and schools as well as the canon and dogma of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and pass them on to future generations by equipping church scholars with modern secular education.    

The scholarship program was initiated by visionary youth Christians recognizing the fact that the Church is lagging behind in terms of positioning itself in the modern world though it was the first to provide the country with an arts of early civilization, such as indigenous alphabet and writing system that making it one of the few countries in the world having their own unique alphabets.  

The launching event for the second round of the scholarship program was attended by His Grace Abune Lukas, Secretary General of the Holy Synod and Archbishop of Setit Humera diocese, MK’s management staff, representatives of MK’s 46 area offices (Ma’ekelat), heads of coordinating bureaus, scholarship awardees and invited guests.

His Grace Abune Lukas noted on the occasion that the scholarship will go a long way towards reviving the country’s ancient church schools, history and tradition, and ensure their continued existence. Commenting on the university graduates who will attend church education as per the scholarship, His Grace said, “What amazes me most is their decision to dedicate their lives to study church education. I’m very glad to witness this as it reassures me that their communal learning program keeps the church’s doors open. We can use better approaches to maintain the church’s canon and dogma without distorting its rules.”

Ato Gizachew Sisay, Board chairman of Mahibere Kidasan’s Holy Places Development and Social Service Department, for his part said, “A survey we carried on church schools revealed that there are some high-level church scholars who cannot write and identify numbers. Some even use their finger print as signature as they couldn’t write though they are well educated church scholars. So we held an event in 2004 E.C at Gion Hotel to discuss the issue with both church and university intellectuals and find a way to run church education in harmony with modern secular education system. Then we decided to start the scholarship program under the title, “‘Abba Giyorgis Zegasicha’ free scholarship and training award”.

Ato Gizachw also added that the first (pilot) program started at basic primary education and adult training program at church schools in Gondar diocese. However, the second round is granted to awardees including church school students and teachers from 5thgraders to students of higher learning institutions.

At the event, W/o Alem Tsehay Meseret, Deputy Chairperson of Mahibere Kidasan’s Holy Places Development and Social Service Department, handed certificates to 17 awardees of the second round program. The awardees include both church schools teachers and students, parish administrators, students who studied in theological colleges and in colleges and universities and are interested in upgrading their church knowledge. On the occasion, the awardees presented different Ge’ez poetry (Qine), songs and short sermons in three languages (Gumuz, Oromifa and Amharic).

According to information obtained from the Department, the scholarship program includes both formal education and short and long term trainings.

1. Modern Education: secular education for church school teachers and students, which include:

  •     Basic primary education
  •  Secondary, preparatory school and higher institution education for outstanding students
  • Higher church’s college education

  2. Church Education: to provide free church education for university graduates and certify them in one of the church school of excellences

3. Trainings: to improve the knowledge of church school teachers and students as well as evangelists who serve at different positions of the church’s hierarchy

Opportunities for Implementation of the Program: Better church school methodologies to understand modern education, for example, existence of:

  •  Creativity, peer learning andself-learning among the students
  • The need to contribute to the fulfillment one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), providing basic primary education for all
  • Fulfilling the desire of church school students for modern education in parallel with their church education
  • Mahibere Kidusan’s experience in supporting church schools serves as spring board                 Beneficiaries of the program
  • Church school teachers currently engaged in teaching
  • Church school students currently studying at schools of excellence (Gubaeyat)
  •  Church servants at different levels of the church’s hierarchies and engaged in evangelic services
  • Church school students who joined modern higher institutions and want to serve in different professions                       

    Types of sponsorship the program covers:

  •  Food supplies
  •   Clothes
  • Training and formal education
  •  Provision of educational supporting materials
  •  House allowance for those who studied modern education and joined church’s school of excellence

   List of 2008 E.C Award’s Costs



Level of Education

Average Monthly Aid

Financial Aid rate/year

Number of Beneficiaries

Annual Cost(in birr)


1st -4th class (adult program)






5th – 8th class (regular)






9th _ 12th (regular)






5th – 8th class (distance)






9th – 10th (distance)






Theological Colleges






Higher learning  institutions






Church’s schools of excellence (Guba’eyat )






Leadership and entrepreneurship






Faith education and evangelical methodology









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