Last Year Report of Mahibere Kidusan Presented

October 22, 2015
By Kassa Nigus  
The 2014/2015 fiscal year annual report of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church was presented in the 23rd of the General Parish Council Department of the Patriarchate held at its head office on October 19/2015 by Dr. Abba Haile Mariam Melese, the Deputy Head of the Department. 

Among the reports presented in the assembly, Mahibere Kidusan’s annual report was the one, and its details are given and summarized briefly as follows, as presented directly by the Deputy Head of the Department. 

In the previous fiscal year, MK carried out different development projects at Abba Giorogis Zegasicha Monastery in South Wollo Diocese, Debre Kewakibt Gundani Monastery in East Tigray Diocese, Harar St. Philip Monastery in East Harege Diocese , Haiq Estiphanos and Iyyesus Mo’a Monasteries in South Wollo Diocese, Arba Minch St. Mary Church in Gamogofa Diocese , Gondar Be’ata Aquaquam (a system of chants) church school in north Gondar Diocese, Motta St. George Church school in East Gojjam Diocese, Qoma St. Fasiledes Digua Misikir Bet (school of excellence in chant system) in South Gondar Diocese, Kemise St. Michael Church school construction at a total cost of 19,014,016.80 EthB.

Mahibere Kidusan carried out construction designs for 38 churches and managed to save an estimated cost of 1,800,000.00 Birr  as well as counseling service in different dioceses that asked the help of the organization as part of the voluntary service it offers free of charge.

The fellowship also organized 440 public sermons (guba’eyat) across the country and 15 others in North America and Europe as part of its evangelical mission. Mahibere Kidusan also made an apostolic journey to peripheral areas of the country in collaboration with archbishops who represent the localities. Accordingly, 13, 776 nonbelievers were baptized and became members of the church through the campaign held in collaboration with concerned archbishops representing the dioceses. Six churches were also built for the service of newly baptized believers.
Mahibere Kiduzan offered continuous spiritual courses for 200,000 Orthodox Christian students who pursue their studies in governmental and private higher institutions; the courses focus on the dogma, order and tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

40,000 of the registered students who had successfully accomplished their courses graduated and received certificates from the hands of archbishops. Out of these, 1, 700 got chance of scholarship to learn in a regular church commentary schools through Mahibere Kidusan.  

In addition, Mahibere Kidusan has spent 1,800,000 Birr to provide regular financial support for 184 church teachers and for 1111 students in 163 church schools found in different dioceses. Over the past fiscal year, Mahibere Kidusan also published and distributed 376,000 copies of Sim’atsidk (means Witness of Truth), a bimonthly newspaper, and Hamer (means Ark, of Noah) magazine (published monthly), both of which are the official publications of the organization. The organization also published various spiritual articles and sermons on its website in Amharic, Affaan Oromo as well as English languages with the aim of targeting a diverse audience.

According to the decision of the Holy Synod, Mahibere Kidusan has used a receipt published by Tinsa’e Zegubae publication to collect its revenue from its member’s monthly fee, holy place development social service and evangelical expansion program. Out of 21,914,349.31 Birr income, 21,726,982.17 Birr was spent to finance spiritual services and projects carried out by the Church during the 2007 Ethiopian fiscal year. The balance shows that the remaining amount is 187, 367.14 Birr.