Holy Church

Part two
July 5, 2022

Dear Children of God how are you? Greetings to you and gratitude to Almighty God!

How is school and exam? We hope you are doing great and pass all of the tests with good grades!

Dear Children! Today we will continue our lesson about Holy Church, so stay with us!

Children, Holy Church has three parts and they are known as ‘Holy, Kene Mahilet and Temple.’ We will see them each one by one as follows.

Kene Mahilet
The Amharic term ‘Kene Mahilet’, is the name for the place found in the entrance of the temple, having three doors each for the entry of Priests, men and women. The southeast side is the entrance for women.

In this Holy place,
1. Priests and singers perform songs of Mahilet (Yaredik hymn).
2. On the northeast corner side of, Priests and Deacons perform ‘Seatate’/ liturgy performed on each nights of fasting seasons and ‘Kidan’ (everyday night and morning prayer)
3. Men laities perform ‘Divine Liturgy’ in this holy place.


The middle part or the center of the Holy Church is known as ‘Holy.’ It has the following function.

1. It is a holy place where laities (Christians/children, elderly people, young men and women/) partake in the Holy Communion/eat the flesh and drink the blood of The Holy son Lord and Savior Jesus Christ).

2. Priests teach in this holy place.

3. It is also a place where the prayer for Christians who get married with ‘Tekili’ (Church marriage by Crown) and by Holy Communion and where they are blessed.

4. On the day of crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ, a prayer is held.

5. Archpriests, Priests and Deacons stand on the North, South, West and East in it. It has four doors each. Only those who part take in the Holy Communion stand inside during the Divine Liturgy (Qidase).


This is the place where the Arc of the covenant is found. It was called the ‘Holy of Holies’ during the Old Testament. Holy Icons, Holy Scriptures and Holy instruments are also found in this place. It has three doors in the west, north and south each covered with curtain. Only Priests, Deacons and authorized person enter in the Temple. Saint Patriarch, Popes and Bishops perform diving liturgy and provide Holy Communion inside this temple.

Dear Children, these are the Holy rooms of Holy Church. We hope you have understood our lesson and learn the terms and new words by heart.

Farewell children! We hope to meet you in peace and joy for the next lesson; have a good time!