“Forget not the Creator through negligence and carelessness!”  Supreme Council Abba Abera Bekele

Fortunate it might seem to men seeking only worldly happiness neglecting spiritual life, without the will for diligence; But, happiness comes only within God’s kingdom. In his book, the Supreme Council, Abba Abera Bekele state, “Man can find truth and happiness by knowing God. Then, he believes that he will have everything he needs for his life. Thus, with all his mind and conscience he examines the way in which he is present.” (A Preface to Theology)

God created Humans in his image, so that they could seek, know and love him throughout their lives. With his unconditional love and calling upon on them, he has said, “To him the porter open; and the sheep hear his voice: and he call his own sheep by name, and lead them out.” (John 10: 3)

Walking along spiritual path, we necessity carefulness but not negligence at all times, believing and understanding that everything is for a reason. We need to know about God’s existence, in supporting us in knowing HIM. Otherwise, we will stray from the life path and salvation. God has given the gift of time for all to pray, fast, and for righteousness. Failure in doing so, evil deeds signifying our alienation from God and that we are on the path of dissolution.

In pursing God, we must practice Christian liturgies; but because we are careless or inert, we are prone to destruction and sin, being unable to cope with adversity and trials. Beyond that, we become accustomed to evil, arrogance, complete abandon our religion and become subject to foreigner.

Thus, “Man can refrain from seeking God because of his misuse of personal freedom and other problems or influences. Because of his negligence and carelessness, he may have forgotten his Creator. In fact, history has shown that Man had forgotten God entirely, being a fact reflected widely in our generation today,” said Supreme Council Abba Abera.

Negligence and carelessness have been manifested in this generation manipulating people to forget God and abandon their religion. On several occasions, they might have encountered in attending Gospel and read God’s words, but negligently focus only on worldly matters; also living an earthly life and disrepute the spiritual pursuits, reputing materialism and the pursuit of temporary happiness.

Neglecting  the Church Liturgy

In his letter to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul said, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” Every Church Liturgy, church entails order in a consistent and uniform manner, which is a manifestation of religion. Fasting, prayer, liturgy, adoration, baptism, communion, and other Christian practices are not just about faith; but, necessities comportment and diligence, a way of expressing and reflecting our faith. (1 Corinthians 14: 40)

Church Liturgy is a way of expressing and practicing our faith. Hence, we need to understand and accept them as part of our lives, always in persuasion. (Debre Ibabe Saint Jared Son of Jared Sunday School)

Carelessness towards Church Liturgy

Carelessness being the lack of interest or a complete loss of interest is the sign of disobedience towards Church Liturgy. Humans shall realize their alienation from God if not want the will to live Christian life and practice the liturgies. They need to be interested in praying or fasting, going to church on holidays or on weekends, and participating in prayer, worship, and singing.

If we neglect or are careless to practice these Church liturgies, it will lead to eternal dissolution! Even if we face problems or have busy schedule, we shall not stop attending preaching’s and reading God’s Word. Since, there is only one God with the will and power to bless our work or protects us from any harm. There is nothing that surface beyond His will and so we shall all live by his command.

Consequently, the Supreme Council Abba Abera, said, “All Christians must accept the doctrine of the sacrament as the doctrine of the saving grace, and pursuing Christian lives. Otherwise, they will be considered as heresies or those who have not yet fully embraced Christianity. So, it is the responsibility of all to educate the far-sighted believers, whether they are careless or negligent, or for any other reason, to strengthen their faith, to teach and advise them as children of God to be grateful for the grace of their heavenly Father.”

May God graciously help us to avoid negligence and indifference and to live a spiritual life diligently and persistently, Amen.

Source: Preface to Theology: Supreme Council Abba Abera Bekele, Debre Ibabe Saint Jared, Son of Jared Sunday School