November 22,2021

Greeting to you Children! How are you? Glory to God for His will and mercy for keeping us healthy and in peace till today!

Dear Children, today we are going to teach you about “Fasting” so, follow us attentively!

Children! Fasting comes from the word ‘Fast’ which means to give up eating Food and drinking water or any other liquid for a given or limited of time. We have seven fasting season which are the Prophet’s Fast, Fast of Wednesday and Fridays, Fast of Gehade (eve of Epiphany) Fast of Nineveh, the Great Lent, Fast of Apostles, Fast of the Assumption of Saint Mary on Orthodox Tewahedo Christianity and during these times, specifically on the days of the fasting season from morning till afternoon (12 am-9pm local time), we shouldn’t eat or drink anything especially meat, egg butter, milk. In addition to the announced fast, there are two fasts that we fast in our will. They are, “Fast of Exodus of Saint Mary” and “Fast of Judith.” We will learn these fast according to their coming season.

For example, Prophet’s Fast begins on November 24, 2021 until the eve of the Holiday of Lord Jesus Christ’s Birth. This is the fast the Prophets fast hoping for our Savior Lord Jesus Christ will be born to save mankind.

So, all we shall fast it. Because, according to the teaching of Holy Orthodox Tewahedo Church, a healthy child begins who are above seven years old shall begin fasting at the age of seven.

Dear Children, I hope by now you have understood the meaning of fasting and the types of fast, so that you will be able to fast. Ok, Good!

We include our today lesson for today. May God help you throughout the fasting season.

Until we meet for our next session, stay well and good!