February 16, 2021


Entreaty according to the King James Dictionary is “To make an earnest petition or request” People make entreaties for a variety of reasons. For example they say, “If God hears my heartache; I will do this it for him. If Saint Mary hears my vows or supplications, I will submit an umbrella for the service of Church.” Or else they promise to give as much their capacity. When their vows were fulfilled, they say, “Our Lady has given what I pleaded.” They submit an umbrella as an entreaty in her for honor in the Church.

Prophet David said, “I will please the Lord in the land of the living.” The first meaning of this is that I plead God, and the second is that I give the visible and tangible treasures of the temple. (Psalm 114:9)

As the Prophet said, “Offer to God thanksgiving and pay your vows to the Most High,” It is appropriate to give our entreaty to God. One of the entreaties is to give the firstborn or the first child as servile to the Church. (Psalm 50:14)

But there might be people who do not understand the true meaning or purpose of the entreaty. Therefore, before we make our entreaties, we need to know and examine what we are going to plead for. We have to be united with the soul when we pray, but their exist people who are only interested in the welfare of their bodies while making entreaties. For example, it is good for a mother to entreat for her child to pass a test at school. But if she wishes for her son to pass cheating on his test, it is a sin.

It is good to make an entreaty to pleading for her son’s prosperity, to get rid of his addiction, and to protect him from any harm in life. But it is a sin to plead saying, “I wish hope he leaves this poor country and go to a civilized world.”

We ought to remember that there are good fathers and mothers, as well as brothers and sisters who have made and kept entreaties. Our ancestor Abraham was the first of the Saints in a blessed marriage. His sons were Ishmael and Keturah and also had six sons; But Saint Sarah had only one son; Isaac. Yet, Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his only sons. But then, God had mercy on his son for he knew his faith lay before Him; and so He manifold and blessed his seed.

Saint Hannah, who gave birth to the Blessed Virgin Mary, chosen to be the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is amongst the righteous mothers. For years she had been childless, pleading with her God. Our Mother Saint Hannah did not ask God to give her gold, property or wealth as it is not what is significant for our eternal life, only for the flesh. So, as she pleaded, “Please give me the fruit of my womb; I will forfeit Him/Her as a servant of God,” she gave birth to she gave birth to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy of all. According to Saint Hannah’s entreaties, when her son Saint Mary stopped breastfeeding at the age of three, they took her to the temple.

History tells us that good fathers and mothers in our country, Ethiopia, gave their children to serve the Church. We need to think seriously about whether we will be able to keep our word. Because God is all-knowing, all-powerful he hears our prayers and answers. “Let me try entreaty and I will do what I promise if it comes true; or it will not matter if my child serves God here with me.” Breaking an entreaty would be get as punished at judgment. As it is blessing to entreat the firstborn son to servile of the church, it is not to give away entreat. There are many people who feel as if they are sacrificing their child, saying, “How can I give him up?”

Growing up in church service and order is sacred and blessed; but most of us do not understand. We shall not to take for granted growing up in or our services of the Church lightly. for our work to be blessed, to have peace and happiness in our lives and a blessed marriage, it is when we can serve God.We should be proud of being a child of entreaty because it help us in becoming servants of the temple.In our generation also, there might be children whose families entreated to have them; their might also be those given as God Child Holy Fathers or Mothers and Saints. But their entreaties are vowing to give their first born child, but instead they promise to something else to the Church.  It is important to understand that this was a mistake made by Saint Hannah and Saint Sarah because they did not take their entreaty as an example and that they were spiritually weak.

May our entreaties be like the entreaty of Saint Hannah and the entreaty of Saint Sarah.