Doctrine of Creation

Dear Children of God, how are you? How are you doing on this season of fasting of “The Great Lent”? We hope you are holding strong through it and fasting in accord to your ability, whilst being good children of God and to your parents!

You shall realize the importance of attending (going to) the Church for partaking the Divine Liturgy and Eucharist (Holy Communion). You can have knowledge of these liturgies in the Church education and thus must learn them during your leisure time.

Children, we assume you remember our last lesson on “The Attributes of God,” and today, we will see His creations within the six days and rested on the seventh day which is Sabbath. God has created 22 creatures and we will see them each.

On the first day locally known as “Ehud,” God created eight types of creatures, first the heaven and earth, accordingly He created fire, wind, water, earth and darkness. Then the angels were created. He then put them at the three cities of the heavens known as “Ioyor, Rama, Erere.” At last, what He created on the first day is “Light” by saying “Let there be light.” It was here that the angels praised Him saying “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

Then on the second day known as “Segno” in Amharic, God created the sky which is made of water. On the following day “Maksegno”, He created, plants such as vegetables, (potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, carrots and others), cereals (wheat, sorghum, barley) were created. Though the numbers of these creations are many, we count them as one in accordance to their types.

On the third day “Rebue” God created the Sun, the moon and the stars. The sun rises at east and sets at the west whilst the moon and the stars appears at night.

The creations created at the Fourth day “Hamus” are all the creatures found in the sea such as fishes, whales, sharks, sea turtles, sea snakes, and other sea animals.  These roll on their feet, fly with their wings and crawl on their chest.

On the sixth day “Arebe” animals which roll on their feet, fly with their wings and crawl on their chest, but live on land were created.

Finally, after creating all these creatures, our Father Adam was created on the sixth day. Then was created Eve, our mother.

Children, the doctrine (learning) of creation is wide and mysterious. But we have seen it to some extent. You will see or learn about creatures of God when you grow up at the Church. So, for now you shall know the days and the creatures by heart.

Farwell, we will stop here for now, and for next time, we shall teach you about “The Mystery of Holy Trinity.”

May God be with you, Amen!