September 30, 2021

The path to our existence and living in Christianity is the tie and bond amongst us. The love, care and sympathy we have one another is what makes our home and neighborhood. The cord that ties and the light that guards our unity in our family, beloved ones and friendships is comradeship. The feeling inside our loving heart and good thoughts in our conscious mind is the definition to our comradeship in sociability.

Human beings have the tendency to lean on others with similar faith, culture and perceptions. This being the truth, people within the same tribe, clan or community are likely to be drawn to one another having similar needs, feelings and thoughts. Many generations have passed by, whilst people have congregated in towns, neighborhoods and community. Subsequently, their mutual benefits have been subsiding leading them to form society.

Societies therefore, live by the moral and ethics they inhabit from childhood to adultery. Their growth by the parents and with their siblings, aside their own experiences is what form their personality. Here is where we shall all observe the importance of orthodoxy growth for it is the base and foundation of our Christian life. Adults who are raised by orthodox Christian parents learn and acknowledge Christianity and live through Church Liturgy. They know the necessity or obedience of the commandments and thus live by loving God as well as neighborhoods. Loving our brethren just as one self thus is of a great value for comradeship in Christian society.

However, the assumption or thought of valuing only our root, tribe or family within a community, organization, nation and universally, is said to be racism and is therefore sinful. We ought to know and understand the equality and value of all races existing in this world as God created men and women to dwell in the earth. So, it is vital to respect and love the identify of others Just as we do ours.

Many have yet not recognized the value of humanity in comprehending the notion of living in unity. Some even have hatred for others identity and racism. Their feelings have led to the massacres they committed on millions of people within tribal conflicts. The instance we can first mention here is the case of Africans including we Ethiopians, were slaughtered by foreigners in Europe and even in their own country. Tough the killing seem to have seized, their racism have not yet been demolished entirely. For years our right have been abused, neglected and tortured.

The recent phenomenon in our country Ethiopia is another example to be mentioned. Without any good reason, we have been witnessing the tribal war between Tigray, Amhara and Oromo being the cause for the deterrence of peaceful nation. But, foremost, we shall remember God’s will for all humans to live in love, harmony and peace.

Brethren, let us not hate one another for love is what we seek; let us have unity rather than division; let us live in comradeship rather than being racist.

May God give us peace, love and Harmony! Amen.