“But as for me and my household, will serve the LORD” (Joshua 24:15)

Israeli’s sin leading to their deceit was what provoked them to defy GOD’s command at that era. After all Prophet Joshua sacrificed for their freedom and in reaching the Promised Land, they rebelled on him and betrayed GOD; and so the Prophet said to them, “And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15)

Whilst the creation of human is to serve the LORD being as righteous as angels, mortals are in the devils nest, worshiping him till they give in their entire soul. Their weakness of survival through hardships and challenges they encounter in everyday life led to their failure.

Foremost, lack of faith without consent to live by his command and carry the Holy Cross upon their shoulder, drove them into devious encircle. Most have surrendered for enemy Satan, driven by his devious scam entangled in chain.

People all over the globe sin every day without the will to repentance defying the commandments deprived of regret. Sinning disabled their capability of differentiating Good from evil, poisoning their nature and consuming them. Henceforth, intolerance, arrogance, betrayal, hatred, invalidity, weakness, dissidence became their oddity.

Infiltrated with the so called ‘Modernization’, mortals are imprisoned by Satan, either acknowledging his evilness or assuming humans destiny lies on GOD’s mercy however much sinning. But little they know, much is expected from sinners as those heresies into receiving his mercy.

Holy Scriptures narration on how Satan was first an angel but, with his desires in becoming more powerful than GOD, illustrates his failure. His deceit led to others angles to treachery from GOD’s kingdom. Observing GOD created him as archangel, he announced to all others as being their creator. Many trusted his words, but Saint Gabriel and Saint Michael along with other angles, refused to accept his announcement. It was Saint Gabriel who first acknowledged the truth which he affirmed it to all others to wait until their creator is revealed. Faith then came upon angels world. After all faith is the first phase to salvation.

Untoward, demons who chose to follow enemy Satan, entered into war with GOD’s soldiers of which Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and the others angels won. From that moment on being the cursed creature falling on earth, Satan strives into driving us all into hell, for he knows his destiny is to turn forever.

Hence, Hominid living on mother earth faces obstacles and endures all the pain, sorrow, and suffers brutal deaths. Witnessed in our era, in which tribal and continental wars; virus alike Corona spreading all over the world and killing hundred thousands, is the outcome of humans deviant. Until now, sinners are unable to accept their deed bringing all the pain and sorrow bared during the last four months. After the detection of the virus, everyone’s attention focused on the prevention of being infected. Where they haven’t reached is the first step in finding solution for the troublesome. It is off the essence to have faith in worshiping GOD to get cured since no other Medical Doctor could find the medicine for it. It is vital to acknowledge how far we are apart from GOD and realize the way back.

The irascibility of earth to be without peace, love and happiness is our own fault. In Countries as such as America, citizens chose worldly life than spiritual. Thirsted of success and satisfaction, their thoughts and wishes are devilish; facing all the consequence. Many have lost their human value and ability in having honor. We might have met people in our lives who lie, cheat and deceive for their own benefits. Others might have also murdered people for their wealth and fame. This has occurred not only in abroad countries but also in Ethiopia. Especially in America and Europe countries, where their social life nearly doesn’t exist, people living individual life have become selfish in attaining all the remunerations the world can offer. They strive to get power in leading others and be renowned. Desiring wealth and power, these people lose their blimey and become devious.

We might know celebrities, politicians and business owners renowned in some periods getting the admiration of many followers. Their work dirtied by corruption, bribery and duplicity, someday leads to their carrier get ruined, loosing assets. Fame is Satan’s one way of manipulating humans to contravene GOD’s commandment. Its temptation drags them into committing crimes and felonies. We have heard of stories of famous people uttering satanic belief to conquer all the fame in the world. Lots have confirmed selling their soul to only become wealthy and famous; blinded to even see how evil Satan made them. Steering competition amongst celebrities, the pressure in getting roles in movies, theaters and producing albums is intense, where they need to be homosexual, or else provide animal and human scarification to witches. They curse, murdered and insult each other in the stories they play just for the fame and money. All their sinning’s having also caused war within countries. The recent phenomenon for thousands of citizens to die due to the spread virus Corona is another example to be mentioned here.

It is unfortunate for heresies to die dying without the consent and will to salvation. Thinking scientific knowledge discovers the medicine for the incurable virus, medical practitioners researched the cure but it was improbable. After all their attempt, it was clear about it being a plague of GOD’s rage brought upon earth. So, willingly or not, the prominent people including political leaders decreed it.

The Holy bible taught us the Gospel for our guidance in passing through impediment in earthy life. LORD and Savior Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for human’s salvation, craving the way. We shall carry the Holy Cross living through church liturgies. Christians ought to worship their GOD and say “As for me and my household, will serve the LORD”