“Before God, I do not lie” (Galatians 1:20)

November 7, 2022

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school? Are you studying well and following you’re your teacher’s education? We hope you are doing well in your study! Children, it is very important to be active and attentive at your school so that you could become a good and brave students passing all your exams with very good grades. This will help you to have a bright future and be successful when you grow up.

Dear Children of God! The foremost valuable thing you should know about success is that it is given from God. If you obey the Lord by being good children without any bad deed and sin, He will give you good life. This means you will be happy, rich and strong person in the future. But, it is important to remember to obey God’s commandment and live by His rule. Children, do you remember the ten commandments? If so that is very good. But if not, it is a better if you learn them soon because they are guidance of our lives. However, if you do not know them, it is probable that you make a mistake and sin (do bad deeds) and disappoint (sadden) God.

Dear Children, we believe by now you know that God does not like bad deeds and people. It is necessary to always remember this and know If you are bad, He will punish you. Children, among other sins God does not like lying or people who lie. Do you know why that is? It is because lying is bad and a wrong thing. It is also disobeying God. Saint Paul the apostle has written in his epistle (letter) to the Galatia people “now concerning the things which I write to you, indeed, before God, I do not lie.” (Galatians 1:20) That is why today we will teach you about “Lie” which is a sin.”

As we mentioned earlier, lie is speaking or telling a false information to someone else. It is contradicting (opposing) the truth. If we tell another person a lie but not the truth, first we are cheating the person and second we are disappointing God. For example, when you parent ask whether or not if you have washed your face, brushed your teeth or combed your hair, it is better if you tell them the truth instead of lying and telling them that you have done what they asked without keeping your hygiene (cleanliness).

While you are at school and your teachers ask you about anything that has happened in the classroom or in the playground with you classmates and friends, you must tell them what you saw and heard without adding any other false information. This law is among the ten commandments which is sated as “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” (Exodus 20:16) You must not also take other students row, toy, doll or any other school material and say it is yours because the other student that you have taken their things from, need the same thing like you. For example, if you take their pencil they cannot learn since they do not have to write anything with. If you take your friends or classmates toy and say it is yours, he or she could not play. So you see children, lying hurt other people and God sees that you have hurt someone else, He will be very sad and angry; Then, He will punish you.

Children, if we are children of God, it is not our behavior to lie. We shall always be faithful and true. God created us to be good, honest and strong person obeying His command. Thus, God is the father of truth, but the farther of lie is enemy satan.

Dear Children of God, do you know who begun to lie for the first time? It was satan. At the beginning of the world, before we came to the world, God created the heaven (sky) and earth. Then, He created the Angels upon the sky so that they would praise Him every time saying “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Satan was first their leader and above all of them. So one day, He looked down and saw all the other angels below him and wished to become God. Then he said to them, “I am the one who created you.” But he was lying as God created the angels and everything in this world. Some of the angels believed satan; others were in doubt.

After this, the angels asked him if he was creator he shall create and show them. However, when satan tried to create just as God, he failed to do so. Then Saint Gabriel said “we shall remain where we are, until our creator is revealed to us.” Then, God said “Let there be light and all the angels saw him.

Dear Children, when satan knew that he was not the creator he lied. Even after they saw God, he refused to accept that he created him and all the angles in heaven. When he was asked to praise God, he reused. So the Archangels Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and the other angels fought him, his followers like enemies and defeated them. Finally, God punished him by cursing and dishonoring him from his grace. He was dropped from heaven to earth. At the end of the world on judgment day, he is going to be send to hell (a place of everlasting fire) for punishment

Dear Children, do you notice how bad lying is and the severe punishment? This is why your patents and elder’s brothers or sisters tell you not to tell lie. Even if you make a mistake and lie, you must always apologize to the people you lied to and ask forgiveness from God. Otherwise, you will be punished just like satan. Your parents might punish you by grounding, spankings or forbidding you from playing with you toys or your friends when you are child. But when you grow up and still become liars, God’s punishment is very severe. So, you shall always remember to be faithful.

Dear Children of God, we hope you have understood this week’s lesson and keep it in mind. Always remember to obey God’s commandment and live by His rule. If so, you will likely become a very good, righteous and wealthy person in your lives. When you leave this earth also, you will go to heaven and become like angel of God.

Farewell children, we will end our lesson for now. Hope you have good week. Have a nice time!

May God guide us throughout our lives, Amen!