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The Communal Monastery of Dabre Zemeda

May 11, 2015
The communal monastery of Dabre – Zemeda is found in North Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region in Kobbo district (kebelle 031). The church is found in the valley of a natural cave which is located between the two chains of rugged mountains that extend from the North-East to a South Eastern direction (in the Western part of Rayya1).


May 9, 2015
The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church celebrates the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Ginbot 1 (May 9), nine months after Nehasie 7 (August 13) celebration of her Immaculate Conception.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Holy Synod Release

May 9, 2015

By Mesfin Zegeye
In accordance with the Church’s tradition as provided for in Fitih Menfesawi Article 5 no. 164, the annual conference of the Holy Synod takes place twice a year. One out of the two is the council that takes place on the Wednesday twenty-five days after Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Resurrection.  Accordingly, the council of the Holy Synod started in the afternoon of May 5, 2015.