Asebot Holy Trinity and Abba Samuel Zedebere Wegege Monastery’s Forest burned

March 23, 2021

The administer of the Asebot Trinity and Abba Samuel Zedebere Wegege Monastery announced that its forest burned by unknown cause of fire. The fire started on March 20, 2021 and though huge effort has been made to seize it, it has become improbable.

The Monks living in the Monastery, the Oromia Regional State and laities gathered from Harar, Dire Dawa and Asebe Teferi strived to stop it but it is still burning the forest.

As the weather is frequently windy especially, in the evening it gets stronger, it is worsening and speeding the fire. Thus, it has become a big fret to the Monastery since it is reaching it in pace according to Abba Tekele Mariam.

The fire has created a great concern since it is uncontrolled till today and so, the government should be take action in controlling the situation as soon as possible to save those monks and people living in around the monastery.

The administer of the monastery has affirmed that it is necessary to save as the Monastery to also protect the monks who dwelt around the Holy Trinity Monastery and the servile living around Abba Samuel Zedebere Wegege Monastery.

Finally, they have called upon all religious Fathers, Monks, the Church, and laities for prayer in saving the Monastery and the natural resources from fire.