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Coptic Church Recognizes Martyrdom of 21 Coptic Christians
February 24, 2015                   
By Tsegaye Girma

The Coptic Orthodox Church has announced that the murder of the 21 Egyptian Christians killed by the so-called Islamic State in Libya will be commemorated in its Church calendar.

Pope Tawadros II announced that the names of the martyrs will be inserted into the Coptic Synaxarium, the Oriental Church’s equivalent to the Roman Martyrology. This procedure is also equivalent to canonization in the Latin Church.

According to, the martyrdom of the 21 Christians will be commemorated on the 8th Amshir of the Coptic calendar, or February 15th of the Gregorian calendar. The commemoration falls on the feast day of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

The Covenant of St. Mary (Kidane Mihret)
February 23, 2015
By Kassa Nigus

 Saints enjoy greater grace before God for forsaking the world and receiving hardship for the love of God. They have received spiritual powers to perform miracles while in this world such as making the dead rise, healing different ailments and driving out demons.

Likewise, one who implores by invoking their names, commemorates them and believes in their role of intercession shall be rewarded as has been confirmed by God.

Over 2800 new believers get baptism

February 18, 2015

                                                                           By Tsegaye Girma                                                                          

 More than 2800 new believers have been baptised in Metekel and Gamogofa diocese of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. The baptism service, which was organised by Mahibere Kidusan (MK), was held from January 17-20, 2015.  

 The remoteness of the area has been a challenge that limited the scale of evangelization and baptism MK offered to the local people, according to Megabie Hadis Addis Alemayehu, coordinator of the evangelization program of MK’s Educational and Apostolic Service main department. More people could have been baptised if it was not for the lack of accessibility of the area, Megabie Hadis Addis added. 

Three Days Fast of Nineveh (Jonah's Fast)
January 30,2015

By Kassa Nigus

The fast of Nineveh, the shortest canonical lent recognized by the Orthodox Church, is observed for three consecutive days, from Monday till Wednesday fifteen days prior to the Great Lent following the dietary rules of the Great Lent. As with all other fasts of the Holy church, the fast of Nineveh is observed by refraining from the intake of all dairy and meat products.

It is one of the movable fasts of the Ethiopian Church; the day on which the fast falls is determined through calculations based on the church’s calendar system.

Accordingly, in this year (2015), the fast of Nineveh begins on Monday, Tir 25/February 2nd and lasts until Tir 27th/ February 4th. During this fast, we remember the three days Prophet Jonah spent in the belly of a large fish as penance for his disobedience to God and the atonement of the sinful city of Nineveh. During these three days, we should look at our lives and show remorse for our disobedient natures and follow in the footsteps of Prophet Jonah and the people of Nineveh.

May God Almighty be pleased in our fasting, prayer and lent!

The Dormition of Our Lady, the Virgin Mary (Astereyo Mariam)

 Kassa Nigus

January 28,2015

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church commemorates the death of St. Mary on Tir 21 (January 29). The day is known as Aster’eyo to mean appearance/Epiphany. It coincides with the season the church devoted to remember the different manifestations of Christ's glory and Divinity, especially the Nativity, the Baptism as well as the miracle at Cana.

The term Aster’eyo is more popular in the commemoration of the death of St. Mary on the stated day in view of the fact that God came with thousands of His angles to comfort her, as is recorded in Synaxarium. The 21st day of each Ethiopian month is dedicated to commemorate Our Lady’s death and to venerate her.

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